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Welcome the the NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign 2001 Online Mayoral Transit Voters' Guide! Questions asked of the candidates are listed below. To see candidates written replies, click on the "yes" or "no" response.

Candidate Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4
Fernando Ferrer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mark Green Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alan Hevesi Yes Yes No Yes
George Spitz Yes Yes Yes NR
Peter Vallone Yes Yes Yes Yes
Herman Badillo NR
Michael Bloomberg NR
(NR: No Response)

If you'd like to discuss this topic with your fellow riders, visit the Straphangers Campaign Riders' Diaries

The Questions:

1. Crowding: The subways and buses are just too crowded. The MTA has added 11% more subway service and 27% bus service since 1996. But this has not kept up with the 29% increase in subway ridership and 47% increase in bus ridership at the same time. As mayor, would you work to make the subways and buses less crowded? Please explain your response.

2. Buses: Bus service is slow, crowded and unreliable; transit officials admit that New York City has the slowest buses in America. A mayor controls city streets. Would you take the steps to speed buses, such as expanding and redesigning exclusive bus lanes and increasing enforcement against cars blocking bus lanes and stops; and priority light signals? Please explain your response.

3. Using transit: If you are elected mayor, would you commit yourself and your transit commissioner to use transit at least once a week so that your cabinet experiences what we all do in our daily commutes? Please explain your response.

4. Unclogging New York: Do you support "Unclogging New York: A Blueprint for Better City Transportation", a plan endorsed by five former Department of Transportation commissioners and anunprecedented group of business, civic, labor, environmental, and rider groups? Please explain your response. (You can view the plan at: http://www.straphangers.org/uny)

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