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Is Your Booth Closing?

In March, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced plans to close 62 part-time token booths in the subway system. Booth clerks - known as station agents - would be replaced by a combination of MetroCard vending machines and HEET's - which are floor-to-ceiling "High Entry/Exit Turnstiles" activated by MetroCards.

Many groups - including the Straphangers Campaign - oppose these closures because they will force riders to choose between their safety (entering at unstaffed locations) and convenience (having to travel further to staffed main entrances.)

To find out if you are affected click here.

If your booth is closing, TAKE ACTION!

  1. Call Governor Pataki today: 212-681-4580: Tell him to keep token booths staffed!
  2. Submit comments to the MTA at http://www.mta.info/faqs.htm

For more information:

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