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ACTION ALERT! MTA Wants to Ban Photos!

In May 2004, MTA New York City Transit proposed the first major changes to its Rules of Conduct for subway and bus riders in about a decade.

The NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign is sympathetic with the goal of making the subways safer, but we object to the proposed rule that would completely ban taking photographs, film or video in the subways and on buses with limited exceptions.

We respect the need for security in the transit system, but believe there are important values in having photographers document life and conditions on the subways and buses.


  • Contact the MTA! The MTA is now accepting comments on its proposal to ban photographs, film and video in the subway and bus system. Tell them what you think! Click here
  • Enter the photo contest! here
  • Vote in our online poll! here
  • Sign the petition here
  • Chat with other riders on this topic! here

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